Portable Non-Electrical Hand Blender/Beater/Whisker/Hand Juicer

Portable Non-Electrical Hand Blender/Beater/Whisker/Hand Juicer

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Power-Free Hand Blender

Introducing The hand blender is a power-free hand blender which can be used to blend a variety of food products such as lassi, milkshakes, buttermilk, etc. Not just blending, this hand blender can also be used as an exerciser to your fingers. This hand blender contains stainless steel rotating blades which are ideal for blending lassi, milkshake, butter, whipping cream, curd and beating egg etc. The plastic handle is made by high-quality food-grade ABS plastic material which is durable and strong. The rotating blades are built using high-quality stainless steel ensuring it is rust free and keeps the food safe. The blender has a heavy gear system to give a steady grip. The rotating blades are easy to clean. This hand blender is an essential item for every kitchen these days.

  • Curd Maker For Egg
  • Cream Beater
  • Lassie
  • Butter Milk
  • Milk Shake
  • Thick Shake Mixer Maker

Color: Multicolored
Type: Mixer
Material: Steel
Country of Origin: India